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SlimLipo/Liposuction sculpts your curves with exquisite results

"Liposuction has been for many years the brute-force method of choice for removing problem-area fat, but it can leave divots, irregularities, and generally uneven results. I use the latest technology: SlimLipo. It's laser-assisted, gives you a smoothly sculpted, slimmer physique, and tightens your skin at the same time."

Liposuction Before & After Photo

Liposuction in Beverly Hills before and after

Age: 32, from Tarzana, California. Liposuction abdomen and anterior thighs.

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Do you have persistent areas of fat that have resisted weight loss?

Are these areas where you worry that the skin may be loose if the fat is removed?

SlimLipo is the most advanced laser liposuction technology available to effectively remove fat from these areas of the body.

SlimLipo is very different from traditional liposuction, which removes intact fat cells from the body using suction. You may have seen traditional liposuction performed on TV, where the surgeon uses a large cannula to aggressively remove the fat in large, thick globules. Although traditional liposuction does successfully remove fat, it can sometimes leave patients with loose, saggy, unevenly textured skin in the treated areas.

Laser-assisted SlimLipo melts the fat before gently removing it from the body. Through tiny incisions in discreet locations, our doctors use the SlimLipo cannula (a very thin, straw-like rod) to liquefy the fat while tightening the skin from the inside, which leaves the skin smoother and more youthful-looking. This tightening effect makes SlimLipo a great solution for older patients that have lost elasticity in their skin.

The no-scar necklift

Drooping neck skin is very common as we enter our 40s and 50s. Traditionally, the only way to improve this condition was to have a lower facelift - real surgery with real downtime and real scars - to cut out extra skin and pull the remaining skin tighter. With SlimLipo, we can get rid of that saggy neck appearance, with no downtime and no scars.

How SlimLipo sculpts other areas of the body

Thighs - To remove excess fat and slim the thighs, our doctors perform SlimLipo using incisions placed discreetly in the swimsuit line. It's a great solution for saddlebags.

Abdomen and hips - SlimLipo works especially well in these areas, minimizing love handles and a bulging tummy.

Breasts - SlimLipo can be used alone in certain cases or with traditional breast reduction techniques to remove excess fat from the breasts.

Back - Our team can sculpt the area under the armpits, the area where the bra strap falls on the back, as well as the lower back where fat is often stored.

Upper arms - SlimLipo achieves great results on flabby upper arms, creating a more toned look.

Will my fat return in other places after SlimLipo?

No. This concern is extremely common. This is only a problem with overweight people who get traditional liposuction. SlimLipo is for targeting small problem areas. So if you gain weight after SlimLipo, it will appear proportionally on your body, just as before SlimLipo, but it will be difficult for you to gain weight in the areas where you had SlimLipo.

The best way to maintain your figure, of course, is to keep your weight stable through a healthy diet and exercise routine. If you have a lot of weight to lose, try a slow weight loss diet instead of surgery. SlimLipo is best for sculpting your curves and should not be relied on for weight loss.

Preparing for SlimLipo

Our doctors perform SlimLipo in our on-site surgical suite using general anesthesia. Most patients are able to return home the day the procedure is performed. Sometimes if a small area is being treated, we can perform SlimLipo using a local anesthetic (similar to when the dentist numbs part of your mouth). This method is only used if it is a reasonable and safe option for the patient.

What to expect after SlimLipo

It is important to wear your compression garment (a tightly wrapped binder or girdle) as directed by the doctor after the surgery. Expect to be up and walking right away, as maintaining good circulation is an essential part of the healing process. You should begin to see results about 1 month after the procedure. The complete healing process usually takes about six months.

After liposuction, we offer Venus Legacy Treatments at two weeks and four weeks post-surgery. These treatments help speed the healing process and ensure that you enjoy the best possible liposuction results.

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