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Testimonials for Dr. Lisa Cassileth

"Both my teenage daughters reached a size H bra size by their sophomore years in high school. By senior year, their back, neck, and shoulder pain had become simply unbearable. Their self esteem suffered, and they were concerned of the future repercussions to their backs.

Dr. Cassileth and her all star team—Amy, Carollee, and Sky—have made each of my daughters feel at home each time they visited over the last six years. Each member of Dr. Cassileth's team has given them the reassurance that they needed at a critical time in their adolescence. Every single time each of our daughters left Dr. Cassileth's office, they each independently described Dr. Cassileth as smart, compassionate, cool, and beautiful inside and out. Throughout high school, Dr. Cassileth has been their role model and like a second mom to them (except much cooler than their own).

Our younger daughter decided to have a breast reduction after her high school graduation last month, which was a difficult decision for us as she had never had surgery before and has always had an extremely low tolerance for pain and discomfort. Dr. Cassileth and her team made all of us feel comfortable with her decision and have been so helpful with the insurance company. Each member of the team answered every question we had, no matter how inconsequential.

On the morning of surgery, Dr. Cassileth reassured all of us that we were in good hands. During surgery, one of the nurses in the OR took the time to give us updates, which we truly appreciated. In recovery, Dr. Cassileth spent an inordinate amount of time detailing the surgery with us and how happy she was with the results. Our daughter never had to take pain meds, recovering with ease. After surgery, Carollee has communicated with our daughter at least once a day, sometimes several times each day, to check in on her and even had her come in to check her healing along the way.

Our daughter reduced to an athletic B size and has never been happier in just a few weeks post surgery. Her posture instantly changed, and her self esteem has never been better as she prepares to start college. We are eternally thankful to everyone at Cassileth Plastic Surgery for the best care over the last six years.

We highly recommend Dr. Cassileth and her team to anyone who is considering a breast reduction or any surgical procedure."-Lisa Sherman, JUL 2019

"They are the creme de la creme. The best in their field. Dr. Cassileth is phenomenal. She has the top notch expertise, a great attitude, and is down to earth and very caring. The staff follow her example. It was a great pleasure to be their patient."-Vida Monify, MAY 2019


"Dr. Lisa Cassileth is my hero! She is a life saver, artist, and angel. Over three years ago, she gave me my life back. And I just keep getting better and better. She fixed what another doctor destroyed whilst doing an emergency C-Section on me a decade ago. They did a classical AND a normal C-Section, thus creating an upside down T cut on my rectus abdominis. The doctor never sewed up the abdominus muscle and left my internal organs held back by only my stomach skin and left a 9.5" gap between the two sides of my stomach muscles. At the time I was glad that my baby and I were alive. I just never knew the extent of the damage that horrible doctor caused. This also included a bad hernia that if my colon ruptured I could be dead in eight hours. It was a very difficult time. Dr. Cassileth meticulously fixed my damaged stomach and like an artist created the most beautiful breasts in a breast reduction (three liters of breast tissue removed). Dr. Cassileth was able to bring the two halves of stomach muscle back together. A miracle for me! She also fixed the dangerous hernia. I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Cassileth or thank her enough for the health and beauty she has professionally and kindly bestowed upon me. I truly love and thank her. I don't know how to express how much I trust and appreciate this amazing doctor. I so highly recommend Dr. Lisa Cassileth for all your plastic surgery needs."MAY 2019

"Dr. Cassileth and her staff are top-notch. When it comes to reconstruction surgery, or, as in my case, revision of reconstruction surgery, Dr. Cassileth is the best of the best. From my very first consultation, she and her staff took all the time in the world to explain everything and listen to my concerns."-Carol B., Los Angeles, CA, DEC 2017

"I do not have enough wonderful words for Dr. Cassileth and her staff! After finding out I was BRCA 1 positive at age 37, I immediately knew I wanted preventative surgery to decrease my cancer odds. Dr. Cassileth was able to perform direct-to-implant surgery on me, and I am thrilled with the results. It is amazing that my mastectomy breasts look better than they did before. She is truly the best at what she does, and I can't say enough great things about her nurse Carollee as well, who is there the entire time. Thank you, Dr. Cassileth and team!"-Laura O. Encino, Los Angeles, CA, DEC 2018

"Dr. Cassileth is an amazing surgeon. She is incredibly talented and a lovely human being. She really cares for her patients, and it shows. Did I say she is also very, very talented? I came to her for a revision of breast reconstruction after having had a not-so-good job with my breast reconstruction surgery following a double mastectomy. She did magic. My results now look outstanding! I look incredibly natural!"-Sarah S., Culver City, CA, MARCH 2018

"Three weeks ago, I had surgery with Dr. Lisa Cassileth. She removed my breast implants inclusive of all surrounding capsule, performed a breast lift, removed tissue from my underarms, and grafted fat from my flanks and abdomen to replace part of the lost breast volume and to smooth out that area. I chose Dr. Cassileth for a few reasons. My internist (a highly respected LA Super Doctor) had told me she was the best for revision breast surgery, but I also did a lot of online research that supported that opinion."-Sam Q., Los Angeles, CA, FEB 2018

"Dr. Cassileth is a true artist. I am BRCA positive and knew I wanted to have a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction. I went to other consults, but nothing compared to when I saw Dr. Cassileth. She listened to what I wanted, she explained everything to me, and I felt like she had all the time in the world to talk to me. She made me feel so comfortable and confident the entire time."-Sara A., Los Angeles, CA, OCT 2018

"It's been a long time coming, but time to review this absolutely spectacular office. I have a nursing background, and tend to be more judgmental when it comes to assessing medical care. Dr. Cassileth's office itself is physically beautiful and comfortable. The staff is friendly, very efficient, and makes every effort to accommodate your schedule. Shout out to Sonya and Star in particular. As far as the medical care, Dr. Cassileth is absolutely amazing, as a surgeon and a person. She listens carefully, and addresses all your concerns. She is a master at surgery, and if there is anything that's not perfect, she'll make sure it will be. Dr. Cassileth's right-hand expert for assisting in post-op care is Carollee, an R.N. who is exceptionally knowledgeable. She always, always makes herself available for both medical care and emotional support. Dr. Cassileth and Carollee are both stellar people who'd be fun to hang out with in the "real" world. In regards to the surgery itself, implant removal, all went very smoothly. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Brown, was magical. It was the first time I've ever awakened after a surgery of any kind and had no nausea (!). That was Dr. Brown's goal, and, to my delight, he met it with flying colors. From beginning to end, the care has been fantastic. This expert team is definitely much more than just 5-star."NOV 2019

Testimonials for Dr. Catherine Chang

"Dr. Chang is extremely patient and truly listens. She was able to deliver down to the smallest detail exactly what I wanted. My scars are invisible and I could not be happier with my facelift! I could not recommend her more!"FEB 2019

"Aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Catherine Chang of Cassileth Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills, is well and truly a master of her craft. She combines superior technical surgical skills along with a keen aesthetic eye and attention to detail to achieve beautiful results! I could not be more pleased with the cosmetic and medical side of my multi-faceted procedure. In a complete revision, she removed and replaced my old asymmetrical, ruptured, and leaking silicone implants from the 1980s along with the painfully contracted and calcified scar tissue capsules that had formed around them over a period of decades. She revised past scars without creating new ones to perform a mastopexy (lift) of the natural breast tissue, and used state-of-the-art high cohesive silicone replacement implants to restore former shape and fullness. She also employed what is known in the industry as an "internal bra," which is custom crafted from natural mesh membrane material that provides amazing lift and support from within. Dr. Chang sets a high standard for herself and works hard to meet it. She is passionate about her work and equally compassionate with her patients. Generous with her time, she explains technical information of body architecture in an easy-to-understand way. Dr. Chang not only met my expectations, but exceeded them in every way. Who knew that 65+ year-old breasts could look this good! I consider myself lucky to have found her, and it is a privilege to provide testimony to her aesthetic and medical skills aspect of her practice."NOV 2019

"Dr. Chang performed my surgery seven months ago. She was very kind and professional. She answered all of my questions and was very patient in helping me to understand everything, as well as truly listening and considering all of the points and concerns that I brought up. She and her staff were very supportive both before and after the surgery. They made sure to check in and follow up throughout the recovery process. It relieved so much of my nervousness and anxiety to know that they were always available to discuss even a minor concern. Getting an appointment was never overly challenging, and the staff were very understanding if any scheduling changes needed to be made—even last minute. On top of all of this, the work that Dr. Chang performed was amazing. She has absolutely unbelievable skill in helping her patients to attain the results that they desire with a natural look that is nearly unfathomable. She is a true master at what she does, and I wholeheartedly and emphatically recommend her to everyone!"JULY 2019

"Dr. Chang's work is so incredibly beautiful, especially looking in the mirror at the person I now recognize. Yes, I'm grateful and pleased! Thank you, Dr. Chang, for restoring this face and neck!"-Joy E. Beverly Hills, CA, FEB 2019

"Simply put, Dr. Chang is phenomenal on so many levels! It was such an easy decision to choose her to perform my breast implant replace and lift surgery. Apart from having a "rockstar" academic resume, upon meeting her I was immediately impressed, as she has a very caring demeanor, is personable, professional, and compassionate, but most importantly, incredibly experienced and knowledgeable."Stella L., Redondo Beach, CA, APRIL 2019

"Dr. Cat Chang is amazing! I wish there were more than 5 stars I could give her. After years of contemplation, I went ahead and had the rhinoplasty (nose job) I have always wanted with Dr. Chang. I could not be more pleased with the results! Dr. Chang took a holistic approach to improving my profile... She saw that, in addition to straightening out my nose, I also needed a little more chin projection and some fat removed from underneath my chin to get to the result I wanted. She placed a small chin implant during my surgery, and she strategically removed some of my chin fat, too. I love my new profile, it is exactly what I hoped for! Dr. Chang is lovely, obviously very talented, and super approachable. I felt like I was in excellent hands during the entire process. Her office is beautiful, and the staff who work with her are wonderful. Her nurse Dee was especially terrific, checking up on me daily for weeks and reassuring my boyfriend (who was looking after me after surgery) when he was not sure what to do. Thank you, ladies! Your team is amazing. If you are looking for a great plastic surgeon, go see Dr. Chang. So glad I found her. I cannot recommend her enough! Since the surgery, I have completely healed, and the results couldn't make me happier. The best part is that absolutely no one can tell that I had plastic surgery. Everyone just asks me if I've lost weight or just had a restful vacation. My confidence has improved, and now I can walk into a conference room of execs knowing that I look very professional and not like I have been partying all night."-Kat. K., Santa Monica, CA, MAY 2019

Testimonials for Dr. Kelly Killeen

"Dr. Killeen is amazing! She is down to earth and professional and will answer any and all questions. Her staff is knowledgeable, warm and welcoming. I am so thankful to have found such a lovely place. Thank you!"-Michele Ziman, JAN 2019

"Dr Kileen is wonderful. She did a beautiful fat transfer breast augmentation for me last year. I am so happy with the results. She took time to really listen and support me through the whole experience ... before and after the surgery. I highly recommend her for her knowledge, skill, and dedication."JAN 2018

Fantastic Surgeon!

"She is the best. I recommend her to all my friends!"JUNE 2016

"Before I found Dr. Killeen, I had lost all hope of ever having nice, healthy breasts without living in constant pain because of capsular contracture. I am so happy with my results! Not only do they look great, but also I feel great both physically and mentally. I do believe she is one of the best in the business. I highly recommend her."-Cassandra L., Beverly Hills, CA, MARCH 2016

"I cannot express enough how wonderful my experience with Dr. Killeen and the office staff were. Dr. Killeen walked me through the process with such ease and care, thoroughly answered all of my questions every step of the way, and executed beautiful results in my augmentation that surpassed my expectations. I cannot thank her or recommend this team enough! Simply the best!"-Madam O., Los Angeles, CA, MARCH 2019

"Dr. Killeen was amazing. She guided me through tough decisions during my implant removal. I was a little overwhelmed by online information, and Dr. Killeen gave me informed and accurate guidance. I am beyond thrilled with my surgical outcome. I hoped to be content with the outcome of my breasts at best. But Dr Killeen far exceeded those expectations! I really love them for the first time in many years."-C M., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, JUNE 2018

"Dr. Killeen is a skilled surgeon, which is a huge understatement! She did such an incredible job on my breast reconstruction; you can't even tell I had such an invasive (and scary sounding!) surgery. I look better than before and didn't even realize that would be a priority since I was so focused on doing this for my health and health only. I hadn't previously thought much about the cosmetic side of things, but Dr. Killeen did such great work!"-Kelli L., Los Angeles, CA, SEPT 2018

"I consider myself so lucky to have found Dr. Killeen and Cassileth Plastic Surgery. I decided I wanted to get a breast reduction and began researching. After my appointment, I felt a bit nervous because of the investment. But they worked with me on the total cost and addressed every question and concern I had. I ultimately decided to move forward, and I can't be happier. My operation was so easy to recover from, with my nurse Dee checking in with me via a confidential texting app every day for the first month or so—and continued check-ins once a week after that. I'm five months out now, and I'm so incredibly happy with my results! I can't recommend Dr. Killeen and her entire team enough!"-Ms. M., Westlake Village, CA, JAN 2020

"Dr. Kelly Killeen is a godsend. I am so lucky and ecstatic I was able to meet her. She has treated me like a sister from day one and has always made me feel warm and fuzzy. I faced a difficult crossroads in my life and needed to make a decision on how to address this situation. After looking at Dr. Killeen's website and her amazing (and perfect) before-and-after photos, I knew that SHE was the person I wanted to work with. I had a double mastectomy with one-stage reconstruction, and she has sculpted the most perfect breasts a girl can desire. I am still in the healing process, but her work is beyond perfect. She was so kind and walked me through every step. Her team—Blake, Dee, CarolAnn, and Jessica—have been so wonderful as well. CarolAnn visited me in the hospital the day after to check on me, followed by Dr. Killeen (not to mention it was a Saturday morning). The following day Dee visited me as well, and she has checked in daily with me and made herself available by phone any time I was in need. They were even kind enough to connect me with another patient who had a similar experience, and I made a new friend along the way! My experience was nothing short of wonderful. I am excited to be a part of their family, and I look forward to the future with this wonderful group of ladies! Oh, I have to mention Jerry also! He was my nurse on my day of surgery. He was very sweet as well and made me feel very comfortable! I will never forget this experience. Thank you so much, Cassileth Surgery Center! You are all my heroes!"-MaryAnne S., CA, NOV 2019

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