Five Tips for Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation

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At Cassileth Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, we take great care to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results for each patient. While there are some breast augmentation patients who are seeking a dramatic transformation, we find that most women want to subtly enhance their breasts. Here are five tips to consider if you are seeking breast augmentation with natural-looking results. 

1. Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

A successful breast augmentation starts with the right plastic surgeon. How do you know which plastic surgeon is best for you? It may not be the surgeon closest to your house or the one offering the cheapest price. Start by seeking a surgeon who is board-certified, which means they completed specialized training and underwent a rigorous certification process. Look at before and after galleries to find a surgeon whose results match your desired aesthetic. Finally, make a consultation appointment to meet with your prospective surgeon and ensure that you feel comfortable with them and they are able to answer all your questions.  

2. Understand Your Breast Implant Options

Patients often ask, “which is more natural looking, silicone or saline implants?” The truth is there is not one definitive answer. What will look most natural on you will depend on your unique anatomy. Both saline and silicone implants have their benefits, which your surgeon will explain to you. Saline breast implants offer more customization since they are not pre-filled, while the cohesive gel in modern silicone implants mimics the feel of natural breast tissue, which can give a more natural-looking result for many patients. 

At Cassileth Plastic Surgery, we have two ways to help you find the right sizing for your breast implants. First, you can “try on” different size implants in a bra. Then, we’ll use our Vectra 3D imaging system to create a digital three-dimensional image of what you could look like with different size implants. 

3. Prioritize Proportions

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to breast implants. It is important to consider your overall frame, as well as your height, shoulder width, and the projection of your natural breasts. The implant size and placement that looks natural on a tall, broad-shouldered woman will likely not look natural on a petite woman. 

4. Discuss Placement

There are three ways breast implants can be placed: 1. under the chest muscle (“submuscular” or “dual-plane”) 2. over the chest muscle (“submammary”) 3. under the fascia (“subfascial plane”). Submuscular placement is the most common choice, but it requires cutting through the pectoral muscle, which can cause an unnatural-looking  “pec-flex” in some patients. Our surgeons often recommend subfascial, in which the implant is placed under the pectoral fascia. Using acellular dermal matrix (ADM) can help create an “internal bra” for a very natural look. Discuss all your options with your surgeon to decide which is best for you. 

5. Consider Fat Grafting

Fat grafting involves using liposuction to remove your own fat from an area such as the stomach or thighs, then purifying the fat and strategically injecting it into the breasts. Fat transfer breast augmentation can be performed as a standalone procedure for patients who would like to increase breast volume without any implants. It can also be used in conjunction with implants for a more natural-looking result. Learn more about fat transfer breast augmentation.

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