Gummy Bear Implants: Do Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants Feel More Like Real Breasts?

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Wondering whether your implants will actually look and feel like breasts? This is one of the most common questions that we hear each year as plastic surgeons. The truth is that each patient typically has a different perspective on whether her implants are realistic, as well as has her own, unique preferences for how firm or soft the texture should be. If your main concern for implants is finding ones that are similar to real breasts—as opposed to feeling artificial—it’s always best to start by consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon and having an in-office examination. For patients who are having breast augmentation in Los Angeles and want implants that feel as similar to natural breasts as possible, our team at Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skin Care recommends the new generation of implant devices known as cohesive silicone implants.

One of the typical complaints that patients have for some implants is that they feel too hard. There are various options for implants available for you to choose from, including saline and silicone, but many patients think that silicone implants have a texture that mimics breast tissue more closely than the salt water of saline implants. Nicknamed “gummy bear implants,” cohesive silicone gel devices are made of a semi-solid silicone gel filling and have a strong, outer silicone shell. They are designed to retain their shape better than other implant types and tend to feel more believable than older silicone implants and saline options.

These teardrop-shaped implants have a more gluey, thicker consistency, so even if the implant shell is ruptured, they’ll keep their shape and are unlikely to collapse. In addition to the devices having a lower risk of losing their structural integrity, patients are also less likely to see rippling from gummy bear implants, which have a very soft, squishy feel to them despite their semi-solid filling. They have a teardrop, anatomical shape that is thinner at the top with a heavier base, much like the contours of real breasts.

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