Considering Breast Reconstruction?

In the United States, many women who are eligible for breast reconstruction after mastectomy are not being informed of all their options. In fact, less than 23% of women know the range of breast reconstruction procedures available to them ( Cassileth Plastic Surgery believes that all women should know their options for breast reconstruction including our innovative techniques: SWIM breast reconstruction and Direct-To-Implant one stage breast reconstruction. These procedures have less down-time and discomfort than traditional flap reconstruction and tissue expander reconstruction, and involve only one surgery — and produce cosmetic results.

Dr. Lisa Cassileth and Dr. Kelly Killeen of Cassileth Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA are among the nation’s leading surgeons for breast reconstruction. Their passion and years of unparalleled expertise in breast reconstruction attracts patients from all over the United States and around the world.

“It’s exciting and rewarding to provide a new choice for breast cancer reconstruction. Reconstructing the breasts at the same time eliminates the risks of multiple surgeries and, more importantly, helps minimize the sense of loss.” -Dr. Lisa B. Cassileth, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

About Cassileth Plastic Sugery’s One-Stage Breast Reconstruction

Cassileth Plastic Surgery founder, Dr. Lisa Cassileth, in private practice for over 16 years, and is the creator of Cassileth Direct-To-Implant one stage breast reconstruction.  This one-stage direct-to-implant procedure is performed at the same time as mastectomy (eliminating the need for painful and prolonged tissue expander fills (and the second surgery to replace the expanders with implants). The entire surgery is performed through a small incision under the breast, rather than the traditional large incision across the entire breast. 

Dr. Cassileth places an internal bra out of a natural collagen substance to support the implant in the proper position. Since the implant is placed at the time of mastectomy, patients wake up from surgery with breasts (rather than enduring many weeks of tissue expanders or painful recovery from flap surgery. Dr. Cassileth’s technique yields a symmetric cosmetic result, and can produce virtually any desired breast size. The results are beautiful, natural-looking breasts.

About Cassileth Plastic Surgery's SWIM Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Lisa Cassileth created another revolutionary new breast reconstruction technique called SWIM. The procedure uses the patient’s own tissue and fat to recreate the breast after mastectomy, for an implant-free, “natural” breast reconstruction. This technique combines a nipple-sparing mastectomy with a breast reduction for a no-implant, no-free-flap breast reconstruction.
The breast tissue is removed and the leftover skin and fat from the patient’s original breast and surrounding area is folded, origami-like to create a new breast. Unlike traditional flap surgeries, no muscle is sacrificed and no abdominal, back, or buttocks tissue is transferred. What is amazing about this new breast reconstruction procedure is the ability to preserve blood flow to the nipple and utilize the excess subcutaneous fat traditionally discarded in mastectomy to recreate a new breast without the need for a breast implant. This is an excellent alternative to “going flat” and “no reconstruction” procedures in which the tissue and nipple are removed and the chest is flat after mastectomy.




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