Dr. Cassileth Discusses Exercise After Breast Surgery

Authored By Lisa Cassileth MD, FACS

Dr. Lisa Cassileth was recently consulted by RealSelf News for her expert opinion on exercise and movement after breast surgery. Dr. Cassileth is known throughout Los Angeles and nationally as a leading board-certified plastic surgeon and she is often featured in the media. She was happy to share her expertise on safely incorporating physical activity after breast surgery, as she is passionate about health and wellness during recovery and beyond.

5 Exercise Rules to Follow After Breast Surgery

In the Real Self article, 5 Exercise Rules to Follow After Breast Surgery, Dr. Cassileth explains that “the goal is to hit a sweet spot, where you’re moving but not moving too much.” In the first several weeks after surgery such as breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction, a woman will not be able to resume her usual cardio or strength training routine. However, Dr. Cassileth says that some movement is important in order to promote proper healing. She details a set of three simple range of motion exercises that all breast surgery patients should perform daily during recovery. She also discusses how soon patients can get back to their usual workout and how to make sure you’re wearing the correct sports bra after breast surgery.

Read the full article to get details on post-surgery workouts and tips from Dr. Cassileth.

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