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Dr. Lisa Cassileth was recently featured in Elle Magazine in an article exploring the current rise of plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures. As a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Cassileth is often consulted as a plastic surgery expert by various media outlets. She is honored to share her insight and draw upon her extensive experience to educate people interested in plastic surgery options.

The Pandemic Plastic Surgery Boom

Across the nation, the COVID-19 pandemic has had many unexpected effects. One interesting trend is a significant uptick in plastic surgery procedures throughout 2020 and into 2021. As many of us take advantage of more time at home for self-improvement, Dr. Cassileth and other experts report that patients see this extra downtime as an opportunity to finally get the procedures that they have been considering. Dr. Cassileth says in Elle, “There’s this mentality of ‘I’m just going to do it. I’ve waited this long.'” She also notes that patients have extra support from partners who are at home and that some feel more confident getting facial procedures while they can wear a face mask during recovery. Read the full article in the February, 2021 issue of Elle.

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