What Exactly Is A Mommy Makeover?

Authored By Kelly Killeen

By Amber Lee Dawn

Holy mother of.. procedures. So how exactly does this whole mommy makeover thing work?

New life and sadly a new body figure, that we didn’t ask for. It may be a new beginning for our babes, but our postpartum body has created a miracle. Now, it no longer feels like our old body and we may be feeling less confident in our own skin. Now what?

The Mother of them all, the “Mommy Makeover” is a combo of just freaking awesomeness! Pre-baby moms who were afraid that their taut body would never recover are no longer fearful about having children. Well, there’s still a dabble of fear. Popping out a human being is no easy task. But sometimes childbirth has a party on our body that we didn’t invite it to. Once pregnant the muscles, tissues, and skin stretch to protect the baby from things like: us falling because we wore the wrong stupid shoes. Our taut is toast.

But we had to try and look cute while carrying a bowling ball to birth. I blame Vogue. Note to self: Manolo heels are not intended for balancing pregnant ladies, but quite the achievement, nonetheless.

Now, after our little angels come there’s breastfeeding, tugging, pulling, biting, our breasts are finished. There are sleepless nights and diapers and then… mommies realize “Hey, at least the morning nausea is gone!” Yes, it’s easy to lose ourselves and our figures if we don’t include a personalized Mommy Makeover. You get the point.

So we strap the baby to a safe stroller and start exercising the weight away. Yay for mommy, right? Yes. But, If you are unhappy with the effects of birth on your physical appearance, an experienced surgeon in the heart of Beverly Hills can help renew your bod to look amazing. You have the rest of your life to focus on the kid(s) and carpools.

Each Mommy Makeover is unique. Moms may choose between surgical and non-surgical options for their mommy makeover experience. Hormonal changes, after a pregnancy, can affect the skin as well as the body. Your specific needs could be stretch marks, or loose skin, mis-matched or lopsided shaped abdomen, deflated breasts, or the flappy parts you may not want to talk about (except privately with Dr. Killeen). And girlfriend we haven’t even started on the hormones, which have been in the blender. Facial rejuvenation, in addition to options like liposuction, can improve the look of your body as well. Truly you just need to have a consult and talk about your own options. Knowing your options is key, so check out what benefits your own body.

Final Sidenote: I know, it seems unfair to have acne and stretch marks at the same time as morning sickness. It’s so great what our bodies can do when we are healthy. Congratulations on your newest addition( s). You are not alone on extreme body changes that may need fixing, but moms everywhere celebrate you as we do, together. You deserve to look your best!


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