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Our advanced facelift technique allow us to lift the skin, while supporting it internally for a natural, beautiful, rejuvenated look.

As we age, the musculature supporting the face (the SMAS) droops and we lose volume and elasticity. Rather than the skin-pulling procedures that were so popular ten years ago, treatment of the aging face now focuses on resuspension of the SMAS to eliminate the droop. During the procedure, the SMAS is hitched to deep, immobile structures, which then pull back the excess tissue, the skin is smoothed to reveal a younger, refreshed face. The excess skin is removed behind the ears, at the hairline, and at the natural crease between the earlobe and face.

A facelift surgically addresses the lower portion of the face improving mainly the cheeks and the nasolabial folds, a neck lift is often performed at the same time to achieve a well-balanced facial rejuvenation for a cleaner chin and jawline definition.

Facelift Before & After Photo

before & after facelift in Beverly Hills

Age: 65, from Valley Glen, California. Patient desired a natural lift to restore the youthful contour to her cheeks and neck. She had a facelift and necklift.

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Facial rejuvenation has reached a new era. Rather than the skin-pulling procedures that were so popular ten years ago, treatment of the aging face now focuses on restoring youthful contour in a way individualized for each patient. For some, this may mean a facelift. For others, however, this may mean injections that restore youthful contour, or operations done with a tiny camera and tiny incisions. Please bring a photograph of yourself from your early thirties, preferably not smiling, and from an angle, to show the doctor during your consultation.


Facelift patients can expect to recover within two to three weeks. Patients are seen post-operatively for suture removal and incision evaluation. Bruising and swelling is to be expected, most of which subsides within two weeks.


The vast majority of patients do not find facial surgery to be painful. Most of our patients only need to take prescription strength pain medication for 48 hours before transitioning to acetaminophen for pain control.


A facelift incision is strategically placed in the hairline at the temporal tuft, preserving the sideburn. It then continues downward to be eventually hidden in the ear. The lower part of the incision continues around in front of the earlobe and back up behind the ear, into the hairline. During recovery, we ask patients to clean incisions lines twice a day and keep it moist with antibiotic ointment. When fully healed, the incision results in a barely perceptible scar.

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