Facelifts Have A New Era

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Facelifts have reached a new era!

Since birth, modern women (and men) have been told that we can do and be anything we want. There are no rules anymore, and our choices are endless. Yay for us! But as we age in wisdom, our face deflates like a balloon. Boo for us. We may look older than we feel, it’s not fair because it feels like life is just starting. Don’t you wish your facial aging would just chill out, and that it could go back 10-15 years? As we age, the musculature supporting our face droops and we lose volume and elasticity, and those jowls wobble like a turkey neck.
The deal is simply this. As we age, our faces deflate like a balloon leaving extra skin and droop. Now that’s a party we weren’t ready for.

The modern facelift techniques done by Dr. Chang and Dr. Sunder are a result of technology, science, and artistry combined with the advancements of today. And here’s the best part – today’s facelifts are NOT your grandma’s facelifts. Things have changed drastically since the days of the pinned look of yesteryear.

Dr. Chang and Dr. Sunder work to create a youthful appearance with hidden scars, less recovery time, and a softer more natural look. The excess skin is removed behind the ears at the hairline and at the natural crease between the earlobe and face. This accentuates a cleaner chin and jawline. So, come as you are and leave as you wish with a modern day facelift.


You can expect to recover within two to three weeks, maybe sooner. It’s the perfect time to Netflix and Chill, or scroll through social media while healing up with a refreshed and younger looking face. Patients are seen post-operatively for suture removal and incision evaluation. Bruising and swelling happens but don’t worry, that usually subsides before making your debut back into society.

A facelift incision is strategically hidden inside the hairline and crease off the ears. The scars on the front of the earlobe are on the crease, so your scars aren’t noticeable. The only thing your friends and family will notice is your refreshed look.

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