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Big Talk About Breast Reconstruction

Big Talk About Breast Reconstruction By cassileth plastic surgery Recently the Cosmetic Surgery Times wrote a wonderful and insightful article about the successful Reddit AUA (ask us anything) hosted by our own Lisa B. Cassileth, M.D. FACS, and Kelly Killeen, M.D. In this interview following their lively and popular Reddit Q&A (over 2,100 comments), Dr. Cassileth and Dr. Killeen discuss why…

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How to Tell if Your Breast Implants are Contracted

My breasts are starting to look weird, what is going on? A frequent consult seen in our office is patients with breast implants who are concerned because they seem to be changing.  By the time patients come to us, they have strange appearing breasts that are firm and painful.  These patients are suffering from capsular contracture.  This process develops when the…

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